Packt Publishing - Aurelia For Beginners: The New Age JS Framework (2018 EN)

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    Company: Packt Publishing
    Author: Eduonix
    Full Title: Aurelia For Beginners: The New Age JS Framework
    Year: 2018
    Language: English
    Genre: Educational: Application development
    Skill Level: -
    Price: €41.99
    Files: MP4
    Time: 04:32:07
    Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080 (1.778) at 30.000 fps, 450 kbps
    Audio: AAC at 118 Kbps, 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

    A complete course to master Aurelia JS from the ground up.

    Developing apps and websites is a time consuming and tedious task that requires hours of coding, rendering and uploading, which is why there are so many different frameworks and libraries that help make the job of coding a little simpler. Frameworks and libraries make it easier for developers to create more complex and dynamic websites and mobile apps, making harder tasks easier using a few simple codes. This is exactly what Aurelia aims to do as well. Aurelia JS is a modern, open source UI framework that helps in web and mobile app development. This framework works on enhancing the capabilities of JavaScript, allowing the developers to get more out of their JavaScript codes. Aurelia is a non-intrusive framework, which means it doesn’t require you writing any special codes or keywords or even tags to ensure that it runs. All you need to do is code in simple JavaScript and simply run your code using Aurelia, and viola you now have more advance features that you could ever imagine at your fingertips. Because of its brilliant capabilities, Aurelia has become a great asset for developers who rely on JavaScript for all their coding needs. And this is why we have designed this course. This course is aimed at anyone who works with JavaScript but hasn’t yet worked with Aurelia.

    Style and Approach:
    This course will breakdown the Aurelia JS framework into simple and easy to understand segments using a hands-on approach. Starting with the theory, this tutorial covers what is Aurelia, the different features of Aurelia, the advantages of using Aurelia, and how Aurelia can help you write clean and modular JavaScript, while focusing on web standards.

    What You Will Learn:
    • Build web apps with Aurelia JS
    • Learn core programming concepts for building real-world apps
    • Build a complete project along the instructor

    Understanding Aurelia JS
    01. Introduction
    02. Introduction and Overview of AureliaJS
    03. Environmental Setup
    04. Application Structure
    05. ES6 and ES7
    06. Components of Aurelia Application
    07. Component Life Cycle
    Concepts of Aurelia JS
    08. Data Binding
    09. Custom Elements
    10. Plugins
    11. Data Binding Scenarios
    12. Configuration
    13. Dependency Injections
    14. Binding Behaviour
    15. Converters
    16. Events
    17. Event Aggregator
    18. Forms
    19. Aurelia Refs
    20. Routing
    21. Routing Implementation
    22. History
    23. Tools
    24. Bundling
    25. Debugging
    Concluding Aurelia JS Framework
    26. Best Practices
    Project development in Aurelia Framework
    27. Project Overview
    28. Coding for configuration
    29. Creating a contact detail form
    30. Contact Detail form functionality
    31. Creating a contact list form and functionality
    32. Analysing Output
    Skeleton framework of Aurelia
    33. Understanding skeleton Web pack of Aurelia

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