Apress - Oracle Database Application Security: With Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Access Manager, And Oracle Identity Manager (2019 EN)

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    Author: Osama Mustafa, Robert Lockard
    Full Title: Oracle Database Application Security: With Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Access Manager, And Oracle Identity Manager
    Publisher: Apress; 1st ed. edition (December 24, 2019)
    Year: 2019
    ISBN-13: 9781484253670 (978-1-4842-5367-0), 9781484253663 (978-1-4842-5366-3)
    ISBN-10: 1484253671, 1484253663
    Pages: 341
    Language: English
    Genre: Educational: Security
    File type: EPUB (True), PDF (True)
    Quality: 10/10
    Price: 32.09 €

    Focus on the security aspects of designing, building, and maintaining a secure Oracle Database application. Starting with data encryption, you will learn to work with transparent data, back-up, and networks. You will then go through the key principles of audits, where you will get to know more about identity preservation, policies and fine-grained audits. Moving on to virtual private databases, you’ll set up and configure a VPD to work in concert with other security features in Oracle, followed by tips on managing configuration drift, profiles, and default users.

    Shifting focus to coding, you will take a look at secure coding standards, multi-schema database models, code-based access control, and SQL injection. Finally, you’ll cover single sign-on (SSO), and will be introduced to Oracle Internet Directory (OID), Oracle Access Manager (OAM), and Oracle Identity Management (OIM) by installing and configuring them to meet your needs.

    Oracle databases hold the majority of the world’s relational data, and are attractive targets for attackers seeking high-value targets for data theft. Compromise of a single Oracle Database can result in tens of millions of breached records costing millions in breach-mitigation activity. This book gets you ready to avoid that nightmare scenario.

    ✓ Work with Oracle Internet Directory using the command-line and the console
    ✓ Integrate Oracle Access Manager with different applications
    ✓ Work with the Oracle Identity Manager console and connectors, while creating your own custom one
    ✓ Troubleshooting issues with OID, OAM, and OID
    ✓ Dive deep into file system and network security concepts

    ✓ Written by two Oracle security experts
    ✓ Includes concepts of code-based access control (CBAC)
    ✓ Covers multi-schema database model for secure coding

    Who This Book Is For:
    Oracle DBAs and developers. Readers will need a basic understanding of Oracle RDBMS and Oracle Application Server to take complete advantage of this book.


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