Bloomsbury Publishing - Skipper's Mast And Rigging Guide (2013 EN)

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    Author: Rene Westerhuis
    Full Title: Skipper's Mast And Rigging Guide
    Publisher: Adlard Coles; Spi edition (July 5, 2013)
    Year: 2013
    ISBN-13: 9781408187982 (978-1-4081-8798-2)
    ISBN-10: 1408187981
    Pages: 26
    Language: English
    Genre: Sailing
    File type: EPUB
    Quality: 10/10
    Price: £10.99

    The Skipper's Mast and Rigging Guide is a new title in our popular series of cockpit guides that are designed for easy reference on board in all weather conditions.

    Of all the elements that are hard to set up on a sailboat, gauging how mast, running rigging and standing rigging should work in combination with each other is perhaps the trickiest of arts - some might call it a black art. And of course it is essential to get it right in order to stabilise the mast, reduce undue stress and consequently ensure the safety of everyone on board.

    This handy cockpit guide will simplify and explain to the reader exactly how to set up their mast, rigging and running rigging for whatever size of yacht and with whatever rig combination.

    It will take the reader through the basics of setting up and adjusting their rig step by step with helpful diagrams and detailed colour photographs throughout. With this book in one hand and a spanner in the other, skippers will be able to make their own adjustments without having to call in expensive riggers.

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