German Verbs Pro: Conjugation Translation Grammar v1.2.55 [Paid] (2018 / Android / EN)

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    Homepage: Google Play
    Category: Education
    Genre: Learning German
    OS: Android 4.0.3 and up
    File type: APK

    1. Click .apk and install.
    2. Work.

    Browse over 23,000 German regular and irregular verbs. Get all tenses and translations for these verbs. Search for translations and verb forms.

    ✓ 23,887 German Verbs
    ✓ All tenses including composite ones
    ✓ Searchable for forms and translations
    ✓ Highlighting grammatical information
    ✓ Regular and irregular verbs
    ✓ Mark ❤ favorite verbs
    ✓ Overview of grammar and translation while searching
    ✓ Translation: English, Russian (Arabic, Spanish, Turkish and others follow)
    ✓ Remember recently viewed verbs
    ✓ Directly show forms via share function
    ✓ Auxiliary verb, irregularities and separability
    ✓ Dark and light theme
    ✓ PDF download of the complete verb tables

    Search lists:
    ✓ Infinitive: separability, reflexivity
    ✓ Basic forms: present, past, subjunctive, participle, auxiliary verb
    ✓ Translation: Englisch, Russian, others follow

    Verb tables:
    ✓ Overview: basic forms, auxiliary verb, separability, irregularities
    ✓ Indicative: present, past, perfect, pluperfect, futur I and II
    ✓ Subjunctive: present, past, perfect, pluperfect, futur I and II
    ✓ Imperative: present
    ✓ Infinitive: present, perfect, with 'zu'
    ✓ Participle: present, perfect


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