How To Learn Spanish French English German Japanese Portuguese Any Language In 30 Days (2015 EN)

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    Author: Richard Pluma
    Full Title: How To Learn Spanish French English German Japanese Portuguese Any Language In 30 Days
    Publisher: Pluma Publishing Group (May 14, 2015)
    Year: 2015
    Pages: 30
    Language: English
    Genre: Learning
    File type: EPUB, MOBI
    Quality: 10/10
    Price: $12.99

    Learn a language fast. You want to learn a foreign language and you want to be speaking the language in weeks from now not years. That would be a fantastic accomplishment and it can happen. Learning a foreign language is easy to do but so many people fail at it because it is just as easy to walk away from it and quit. And people who quit come up with excuses like “I don’t have enough time”, “it’s too hard” or “I’ll learn it someday”. The truth is they just need the right motivation and to be given the right direction with a few key strategies.

    There are so many benefits to learning a second language. It could mean a promotion at work or an assignment to a foreign country if your company is international. You could travel to a foreign city where they speak your new language and party with the locals and even learn about their culture. A whole new world of romance could open up to you. If you meet someone who doesn’t speak your language and you don’t speak theirs, there’s not much of a chance for any kind of friendship or romance. But if you learn Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese or whichever language you choose you could travel and meet attractive people who want to meet you and date you. Or you may not have to travel at all and meet them right where you live if you are in a diverse community made up of different cultures and languages. It could mean instant connections and amazing encounters you will not soon forget. And this could happen over and over again. But you have to learn the language first! You can learn a language fast.

    Here are two top tips that you should know to learn a foreign language and avoid quitting early in your journey.

    Tip #1. Learn a language that is similar to yours. For example, if your native language is English or one of the romance languages of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese or Romanian then you should pick one of those as your first foreign language because they all have in common Latin origins that go way back to the days of the Roman Empire where the language spoken was Latin. At the fall of the Roman Empire areas splintered off forming their own countries and languages but kept the Latin roots as the core of their different languages. But if you are a native English speaker and your heart is set on learning, for example, Thai or Japanese, then go for it! It’s just going to take you a little bit longer to absorb having different language systems.

    Tip #2. Customize your learning. Learn only what you are going to use right away. Are you going to use your new language at work or school or with your girlfriend’s mother who speaks another language? Think about what your conversations would be like in those scenarios and learn phrases and sentences relating to them. One benefit of focusing on phrases and sentences is that subconsciously you will pick up basic sentence structure and grammar rules for that language. This is how you will start having conversations with native speakers quickly!

    If you want more tips and strategies on how to learn a foreign language and would like to be speaking any language you choose in just weeks from now, download this bestselling audiobook. It is available in both English and Spanish editions. Or if you prefer reading, choose the eBook in either English or Spanish. Learn a language fast.

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