Llewellyn Worldwide - 365 Tarot Spells: Creating The Magic In Each Day (2016 EN)

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    Author: Sasha Graham
    Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide (May 8, 2016)
    Year: 2016
    ISBN-13: 9780738746241 (978-0-7387-4624-1)
    ISBN-10: 073874624X
    Pages: 408
    Language: English
    Genre: Magic Studies
    File type: EPUB
    Quality: 10/10
    Price: $16.69

    Discover the beautiful tapestry of magic and tarot, woven together to improve your life through daily spells. Tarot is the perfect magical tool, and 365 Tarot Spells provides everything you need to manifest your desires and make your soul’s intention a reality. This accessible guide shows you how to achieve your goals with spells for:
    • Family and Home
    • Money and Career
    • Creativity
    • Health and Well-Being
    • Love
    • Letting Go
    • Luck
    • Chakra Opening
    • Seasonal and Witchy Enchantments
    • Protection
    • Travel
    • Sleep
    • Personal Growth
    Each spell is based on a significant historical or magical occurrence on that particular day and is accompanied by a list of ingredients, visualization, meditation, affirmation, card layout, and more. Immerse yourself in the energy of all seventy-eight tarot cards with connection rituals. Cook with magical intention using a variety of recipe-based spells. An ideal companion to Sasha Graham’s 365 Tarot Spreads, this book offers spells for every calendar date that can be cast with any deck. Experience the wondrous interconnectivity of magic and tarot, and reinvent yourself in the process.

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