New Holland Publishers - The Cat Owner's Handbook (2001 EN)

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    Author: Graham Meadows, Elsa Flint
    Full Title: The Cat Owner's Handbook
    Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd (July 1, 2001)
    Year: 2001
    ISBN-13: 9781607653776 (978-1-60765-377-6), 9781859745038 (978-1-85974-503-8), 9781859747513 (978-1-85974-751-3)
    ISBN-10: 160765377X, 1859745032, 1859747515
    Pages: 128
    Language: English
    Genre: Animal Care > Cats
    File type: EPUB (True)
    Quality: 10/10
    Price: 9.12 €

    In this handbook, authors and vets Graham Meadows and Elsa Flint bring a fresh and understanding approach to all aspects of learning to live with your cat. All cat owners want the best for their pet. This book should enable cat owners to understand their feline friend better as well as to protect it from hazards and illness, monitor its health, deal with emergencies, cope with its aging and even make better use of the veterinary clinic. The book includes complementary medicine for your cat, feeding it well for a longer life, taking care of a pregnant queen, and introducing a new cat to a resident one, along with information that should enable you to learn how a cat's view of the world compares to yours. The book is filled with colour photography and should provide both an introduction for new cat owners and a source reference for long-established cat lovers.

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