PLU | Cisco Core Security: Network Security With Cisco ASA (2020 EN)

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    Company: Pluralsight
    Author: Craig Stansbury
    Full Title: Cisco Core Security: Network Security With Cisco ASA
    Year: 2020
    Language: English
    Genre: Educational: Networking Security
    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Price: -
    Files: MP4 (+ Exercise Files, Slides .PDF)
    Time: 01:24:07
    Video: AVC, 1280 x 720 (1.778) at 30.000 fps, 400 kbps
    Audio: AAC at 96 Kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

    Properly securing your network and devices is a critical security posture, and the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance is a great product to use. This course will teach you how to configure the ASA to ensure your network is secure.

    If the management plane of a Cisco ASA is not properly secured, it exposes the device to attacks. In this course, Cisco Core Security, Network Security with Cisco ASA, you will learn the foundational knowledge to properly secure all of your organization’s ASAs. First, you will learn how to secure management access to the device. Next, you will discover how to leverage Cisco ISE to provide centralized device management. Finally, you will explore how to use Cisco Security Manager to automate management functions across multiple ASAs. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of management plane hardening needed to secure your ASAs.

    1. Course Overview
    01. Course Overview
    2. Securely Managing Cisco ASA Devices
    02. Course Introduction
    03. Out of Band Management
    04. Management Interfaces on the ASA
    05. Configuring SSH and HTTPS Access on an ASA
    06. Cisco ASDM
    3. Configuring AAA on a Cisco ASA
    07. Module Intro
    08. Prepping Cisco ISE To Support TACACS
    09. TACACS Profiles and TACACS Command Sets
    10. Configuring Device Admin Policy Sets
    11. Configuring AAA on an ASA Using the CLI and ASDM
    12. Verifying Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting between a Cisco ASA and ISE
    4. Configuring Management Protocols on a Cisco ASA
    13. Module Intro
    14. Configuring SNMPv3 Users on a Cisco ASA
    15. Configuring NTP Authentication on a Cisco ASA
    16. Using SCP and the ASDM Client to Transfer Files
    5. Managing Cisco ASAs with Cisco Security Manager
    17. Module Intro
    18. Adding ASAs to Cisco Security Manager
    19. Using Cisco Security Manager to Push Policies to ASAs
    20. Using Cisco Security Manager to Upgrade ASA Software
    21. Course Summary