PLU | Securing AWS Networks (2020 EN)

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    Company: Pluralsight
    Author: Saravanan Dhandapani
    Full Title: Securing AWS Networks
    Year: 2020
    Language: English
    Genre: Educational: Cloud computing
    Skill Level: Advanced
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    Files: MP4 (+ Slides .PDF)
    Time: 02:04:46
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    As you prepare for an advanced networking certification, you need to have firm grip on securing the AWS network. This course will teach you the various services in the AWS security landscape and how to monitor and comply with your organization.

    AWS has been introducing new services on a consistent basis and one of the challenges is to understand and select the right tool for the right problem. In this course, Securing AWS Networks, you’ll learn about various AWS services related to security and how to monitor and troubleshoot your network for issues. First, you’ll explore different industry compliance standards and how to use the AWS trusted advisor to comply with the standards and use AWS Artifact to prepare for your security audit. Next, you’ll discover how to monitor the compliance, the traffic flowing through our network and perform the required paperwork for penetration testing. Then, you'll touch on how to secure the data flow by setting up access control lists, taking steps to mitigate vulnerability attacks and encrypt/decrypt the data, both at rest and in motion. Finally, you’ll see how to identify PII data and detect any malicious activities in the network. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of securing both AWS and hybrid network, and how to comply and monitor to the standards imposed by your organization that are needed to get your advanced networking certification.

    1. Course Overview
    01. Course Overview
    2. AWS Compliance
    02. AWS Organizations and AWS Artifacts
    03. AWS Trusted Advisor: Theory and Demo
    04. AWS Inspector: Theory and Demo
    05. Security Perspective of Cloud Adoption Framework
    3. Monitoring Security in AWS
    06. AWS Config: Theory
    07. VPC Flow Logs
    08. AWS Config: Demo
    09. AWS Shared Responsibility Model and Penetration Testing
    4. Securing Data Flow
    10. AWS WAF and Shield
    11. Amazon Route 53
    12. AWS Certificate Manager
    13. Network ACLs and Security Groups
    14. AWS Edge Locations and Content Delivery
    5. AWS Encryption Technologies
    15. Encryption Strategies: A Primer
    16. Encryption of Data at Rest: KMS and CloudHSM
    17. Encryption of Data in Transit
    6. AWS Security Services
    18. AWS Guard Duty: Theory and Demo
    19. AWS Security Hub: Theory and Demo
    20. Amazon Detective and AWS Firewall Manager
    21. Amazon Macie: Theory and Demo