Springer - Cutaneous Manifestations Of Infection In The Immunocompromised Host, 2nd Edition (2012 EN)

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    Author: Marc E. Grossman, Lindy P. Fox, Carrie Kovarik, Misha Rosenbach
    Full Title: Cutaneous Manifestations Of Infection In The Immunocompromised Host, 2nd Edition
    Publisher: Springer; 2nd ed. 2012 edition (January 13, 2012)
    Year: 2012
    ISBN-13: 9781441915788 (978-1-4419-1578-8), 9781441915771 (978-1-4419-1577-1), 9781493951079 (978-1-4939-5107-9)
    ISBN-10: 1441915788, 144191577X, 1493951076
    Pages: 309
    Language: English
    Genre: Medicine: Dermatology
    File type: PDF (True, but nonnative Cover)
    Quality: 9/10
    Price: 171.59 €

    The updated second edition of Cutaneous Manifestations of Infection in the Immunocompromised Host is an invaluable reference for physicians and ancillary medical professionals involved in the care of patients with impaired immune systems due to cancer, chemotherapy, systemic steroids and other immunosuppressive drugs, HIV/AIDS or organ transplantation. This volume will help you recognize skin lesions and diagnose their infectious cause. Textbook features include:

    — Over 350 color images demonstrating pathognomonic, atypical, rare and routine skin lesions
    — Tables for differential diagnosis of different skin lesions in the immunocompromised host
    — Complete coverage of infectious pathogens with the patterns of infection and the likely causes in different clinical settings (HIV/AIDS versus solid organ transplantation versus neutropenia post-chemotherapy versus bone marrow recovery post hematopoietic stem cell transplantation )
    — New chapter discussing the role of viruses causing malignancies with cutaneous signs in the immunocompromised patient

    Written by dermatologists, the new edition is an indispensable diagnostic tool intended for use by all clinicians who care for immunocompromised patients.

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