Springer - ICG Fluorescence Imaging And Navigation Surgery (2016 EN)

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    Author: Mitsuo Kusano (Editor), Norihiro Kokudo (Editor), Masakazu Toi (Editor), Masaki Kaibori (Editor)
    Full Title: ICG Fluorescence Imaging And Navigation Surgery
    Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2016 edition (March 12, 2016)
    Year: 2016
    ISBN-13: 9784431555285 (978-4-431-55528-5), 9784431555278 (978-4-431-55527-8)
    ISBN-10: 4431555285, 4431555277
    Pages: 474
    Language: English
    Genre: Medicine: Surgery
    File type: PDF (True)
    Quality: 10/10
    Price: 160.49 €

    This book presents a comprehensive overview and outlook for the future of indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescence navigation surgery, which is attracting clinical interest as a safe and less invasive procedure not only in detecting cerebral vessels, coronary arteries, and biliary trees, but also in identifying sentinel lymph nodes in cancer. The book starts with the characteristics of ICG and photodynamic cameras/endoscopes, followed by detailed descriptions of the applications of ICG fluorescence imaging in various areas such as ocular surgery, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, and plastic surgery. It also covers identifying sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer as well as cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, and provides valuable information for hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgeons, such as identifying tattooing of liver segments and bile leakage. Written entirely by experts in their respective areas, ICG Fluorescence Imaging and Navigation Surgery offers an essential resource for surgeons operating on cancers and vascular disorders in the brain and cardiovascular systems and in plastic surgery.

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