Springer - Marine Shells Of Goa: A Guide To Identification (2017 EN)

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    Author: Sangeeta M. Sonak
    Full Title: Marine Shells Of Goa: A Guide To Identification
    Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2017 edition (August 16, 2017)
    Year: 2017
    ISBN-13: 9783319550992 (978-3-319-55099-2), 9783319550978 (978-3-319-55097-8)
    ISBN-10: 3319550993, 3319550977
    Pages: 249
    Language: English
    Genre: Aquatic Sciences
    File type: PDF (True)
    Quality: 10/10
    Price: 42.79 €

    This book offers a unique introduction to the study of shells and molluscs for all those who take pleasure in shells, the treasure of the sea. However, unlike other shell albums, compendiums or guides, the central focus of this book is on shells and not molluscs. Therefore, in addition to the classification and identification of shells, the book also addresses aspects including the shell art and shell craft of Goa, the importance of shells, and literary works related to shells and their writers. The book also describes various shell habitats of Goa.

    The primary objective of this book is to introduce readers to the concept of shell heritage and to spark curiosity and scientific interest, not just among conchologists but also local and visiting beachgoers. Accordingly, it primarily uses straightforward, non-technical language. The book will also appeal to those readers without any previous knowledge of the subject, helping them to understand and appreciate the shells that they collect from the seashores of Goa.


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