Springer - Optimization And Applicability Of Bioprocesses (2017 EN)

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    Author: Hemant J. Purohit (Editor), Vipin Chandra Kalia (Editor), Atul N. Vaidya (Editor), Anshuman A. Khardenavis (Editor)
    Full Title: Optimization And Applicability Of Bioprocesses
    Publisher: Springer; 1st ed. 2017 edition (January 25, 2018)
    Year: 2017
    ISBN-13: 9789811068638 (978-981-10-6863-8), 9789811068621 (978-981-10-6862-1)
    ISBN-10: 9811068631, 9811068623
    Pages: 418
    Language: English
    Genre: Biomedical Sciences
    File type: EPUB (True), PDF (True)
    Quality: 10/10
    Price: 181.89 €

    This book argues that the sustainable management of resources requires a systematic approach that primarily involves the integration of green innovative biotechnological strategies and eco-engineering. It discusses how microbial community intelligence can be used for waste management and bio-remediation and explains how biological processes can be optimized by integrating genomics tools to provide perspectives on sustainable development.

    The book describes the application of modern molecular techniques such as fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), highly sensitive catalyzed reporter deposition (CARD)-FISH, in situ DNA-hybridization chain reaction (HCR) and methods for detecting mRNA and/or functional genes to optimize bioprocessess. These techniques, supplemented with metagenomic analysis, reveal that a large proportion of micro-organisms still remain to be identified and also that they play a vital role in establishing bioprocesses.

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