University Of Michigan Press - Poker: The Parody Of Capitalism (2011 EN)

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    Author: Ole Bjerg
    Full Title: Poker: The Parody Of Capitalism
    Publisher: University of Michigan Press (November 2, 2011)
    Year: 2011
    ISBN-13: 9780472071630 (978-0-472-07163-0), 9780472051632 (978-0-472-05163-2), 9780472027996 (978-0-472-02799-6)
    ISBN-10: 0472071637, 0472051636, 0472027999
    Pages: 286
    Language: English
    Genre: Entertainment
    File type: PDF
    Quality: -
    Price: $85.00

    Poker is an extraordinary worldwide phenomenon with major social, cultural, and political implications, and Poker: The Parody of Capitalism investigates the game of poker as a cultural expression of significance not unlike art, literature, film, or music. Tracing the history of poker and comparing the evolution of the game to the development of capitalism, Ole Bjerg complicates prevalent notions of “casino capitalism” and correspondingly facile and simplistic comparisons of late capitalism and poker. By employing Slavoj Žižek's threefold distinction between imaginary-symbolic-real as a philosophical framework to analyze poker and to understand the basic strategies of the game, Bjerg explores the structural characteristics of poker in relation to other games, making a clear distinction between poker and other gambling games of pure chance such as roulette and craps. With its combination of social theory and empirical research, Poker offers an engaging exploration of a cultural trend.

    "Poker is a theoretically sophisticated, highly original and innovative treatment of a contemporary social phenomenon, and contributes greatly to our understanding of the nature of contemporary capitalism."
    —Charles Livingstone, Monash University Australia

    Ole Bjerg is a sociologist and associate professor at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School.

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