Wiley - Signal-Switchable Electrochemical Systems: Materials, Methods, And Applications (2018 EN)

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    Author: Evgeny Katz
    Full Title: Signal-Switchable Electrochemical Systems: Materials, Methods, And Applications
    Publisher: Wiley-VCH; 1 edition (September 4, 2018)
    Year: 2018
    ISBN-13: 9783527345458 (978-3-527-34545-8), 9783527818778 (978-3-527-81877-8)
    ISBN-10: 3527345450, 3527818774
    Pages: 320
    Language: English
    Genre: Chemistry: Electrochemistry
    File type: PDF (True, but nonnative Cover)
    Quality: 9/10
    Price: 132.00 €

    A guide to the biological control over electronic systems that lead the way to wearable electronics and improved drug delivery

    In recent years, this area of electrochemical systems has developed rapidly and achieved significant progress. Signal-Switchable Electrochemical Systems offers an overview to the wide-variety of switchable electrochemical systems and modified electrodes. The author—a noted researcher and expert on the topic—summarizes research efforts of many groups in a range of universities and countries. The book explores various types of external signals that are able to modify electrode interfaces, for example electrical potential, magnetic field, light, as well as chemical and biochemical inputs.

    Multifunctional properties of the modified interfaces allow their responses to complex combinations of external signals. These are integrated with unconventional biomolecular computing systems logically processing multiple biochemical signals. This approach allows the biological control over electronic systems. The text explores the applications in different areas, including unconventional computing, biofuel cells and signal-triggered molecular release in electrochemical systems. This important guide:

    ░ Provides an overview to the biological control over electronic systems and examines the key applications in biomedicine, electrochemical energy conversion and signal-processing
    ░ Offers an important text written by a highly cited researcher and pioneer in the field
    ░ Contains a summary of research efforts of an international panel of scholars representing various universities and countries
    ░ Presents a groundbreaking book that provides an introduction to this interdisciplinary field

    Written for scientists working with electrochemical systems and applications with signal-responsive materials, Signal-Switchable Electrochemical Systems presents an overview of the multidisciplinary field of adaptable signal-controlled electrochemical systems and processes and highlights their key aspects and future perspectives.

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