Bayview Entertainment - Callanetics Countdown: 30 Days To A More Beautiful Body (2016 EN)

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    Company: Bayview Entertainment
    Author: Lacey Kondi
    Full Title: Callanetics Countdown: 30 Days To A More Beautiful Body
    Year: 2016
    Language: English
    Genre: Educational: Fitness
    Skill Level: -
    Price: $14.99
    Files: MP4 (+ Recipes PDF)
    Time: 01:57:38
    Video: AVC, 720 x 576 (1.778) at 24.986 fps, 1000 kbps
    Audio: AAC at 160 Kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

    Countdown to a Firmer, Shapelier You! Welcome to the Callanetics Countdown. This is your 30-day program designed to get your body in great shape, quickly and effectively. Callanetics is a series of stretching and contracting exercises that activate the body's largest muscles groups, using tiny, gentle, precise movements, called pulses. These pulses reach deep into the muscles to give you a strong, firm body, without adding bulk. Join our team as you take your first step towards a lovelier body. The Callanetics Countdown is made up of 3 levels, each one getting progressively more challenging. Level 1 (days 1 to 5) is your preparation stage. Level 2 (days 6 to 15), your body shape is changing. Level 3 (days 16 to 30), you will really see and feel the difference. The countdown has started. Every day will bring you closer to the beautiful body you deserve.

    01. Level 1 - Days 1 to 5
    02. Level 2 - Days 6 to 15
    03. Level 3 - Days 16 to 30