PLU | Advanced Network Security On AWS (2020 EN)

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    Company: Pluralsight
    Author: Miguel Saavedra
    Full Title: Advanced Network Security On AWS
    Year: 2020
    Language: English
    Genre: Educational: Cloud computing
    Skill Level: Advanced
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    Files: MP4 (+ Subtitles .SRT, Slides .PDF)
    Time: 01:34:48
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    AWS provides a range of networking services that enable you to create a logically isolated and secure network. This course will teach you the different security features of VPCs, ELBs, and Cloudfront distributions you can use and implement.

    There are many different layers where you can introduce network security on AWS. In this course, Advanced Network Security on AWS, you’ll learn the best practices of setting up a secure network on AWS. First, you’ll explore the VPC and the necessary features used and skills required to set up a more secure network. Next, you’ll discover the Elastic Load Balancer’s different security features and how it can be used as a point of protection. Finally, you’ll see how to configure a CloudFront distribution and implement restrictive security controls on CloudFront. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of AWS services and features needed to implement network security on AWS.

    1. Course Overview
    01. Course Overview
    2. Amazon VPC Security Best Practices
    02. Introduction and Course Scenario
    03. Subnet Security
    04. Security Groups and Network ACLs
    05. Summary and Review
    3. Examples of Amazon VPC Implementations
    06. Demo: Setting up the Infrastructure
    07. Demo: Exploring Subnets and Routes
    08. Demo: Exploring Security Groups and NACLs
    09. Summary
    4. Implementing Security and Incident Response with the ELB
    10. Introduction to Load Balancing
    11. ELB Security Features
    12. ELB Design Patterns
    13. DDoS Mitigation on AWS
    14. Incident Handling and Isolating Instances
    15. Demo: Isolating an EC2 Instance
    16. Summary
    5. Using CloudFront Security Features
    17. Overview and Introduction to Cloudfront
    18. Origin Security on Cloudfront
    19. Demo: Origin Access Identities
    20. Edge Security on Cloudfront
    21. Demo: Field Level Encryption
    22. Summary