Throne Rush v5.9.1 (2019 / Android / EN)

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    Homepage: Google Play
    Category: Game
    Genre: Strategy
    OS: Android 4.0.3 and up
    Network: Broadband Internet Connection
    File type: APK

    1. Click .apk and install.
    2. Play.

    More than 27 million installs.
    Almost 1 million “5 star” ratings.
    Throne Rush – is one of the best modern examples of a high-quality successful MMORPG project.

    ✓ Huge MMORPG fantasy world divided into unique continents – to discover and slay;
    ✓ An impressive number of buildings and resources. – Build, fortify, protect!
    ✓ 18 mighty mercenaries – to crank up until the whole your squad is invincible;
    ✓ RTS component to develop an economy of your Empire to a level beyond attainment. There’s no limits!
    ✓ Exiting every day quests. – You’ll never get bored here!
    ✓ A great variety of clans, guilds and strategies alliances. – Join the mightiest one or form yours and lead it to the TOP. Declare war to those who are not with you.
    ✓ PvP fights with no mercy. – Crash your enemies, crash everything in your path, or somebody else will!
    ✓ Epic campaigns against Bosses. – Are you able to finish all the monsters of this world?
    ✓ Absolutely unique regular thematic events, heroes and artefacts;
    ✓ Special heroes with special abilities (archer and swordsman mage are among them) – to grab and collect;
    ✓ Priceless help from your friends;
    ✓ Beautiful graphic! – as a bonus.


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